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4-H Alberta - Food SafetyAs food is an important part of many 4-H activities, leaders, volunteers, parents and members are all involved with food safety.  From preparation and clean up to storage and handling, all stages should be managed with care and attention.  Some situations may require specific training and certification.  Please refer to the following links for information, regulations and helpful hints for safe food handling at all 4-H functions. Additional information can be obtained from Alberta Health Services linked to: .

Food safety education is recommended for all food handlers at special events including potluck suppers or fundraising meals. Food safety education is mandatory for some special events. This booklet should be read by anyone organizing or working in Alberta as an introduction to food safety during special events. Alberta Health Services - Alberta Food Safety Basics for Special Events linked to:

Alberta Health Services offers in-person, online and Home Study courses, and has kits available to facilitators to assist in teaching food safety to young Albertans. Alberta Health Services – Take a Course - linked to:

Anyone who prepares food including people working in food businesses, daycares, long term care facilities, volunteers and those who cook at home may improve their knowledge here.  Alberta Health Services - Alberta Food Safety Basics Booklet - linked to:

Food Safety at Potlucks - Potlucks are fun, but food safety must always be priority!  Use these simple steps to keep food safe for all! Linked to:

Health Canada recognizes that a safe food supply is a major contributing factor to the health of Canadians  Linked to:

4-H Canada is in the process of working on various nutritional health initiatives.  More information will be forthcoming including additional food safety resources.  Link to