4‑H Fun Pack

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The Fun Pack includes 110 games and activities, categorized according to the skills they teach. 4‑H members or leaders can use these activities when planning meetings, camps, theme days, project days etc. Each game or activity is chosen to be fun and teach skills valuable to 4‑H members. The Fun Pack starts with activities designed to help plan a successful program. It goes through helping the group work more effectively, develops leadership skills, problem solving and taking initiative.

Topic(s) Covered


  • Table of Contents
  • Program Planning

Two and Three


  • Teaming Up
  • Creating a Positive Environment

Four, Five and Six

  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Conflict Management and Dealing with
  • Difficult People

Seven, Eight and Nine

  • Games that Build Leaders
  • Group Dynamics
  • Problem Solving

Ten and Eleven


  • Meeting Management and Parliamentary
  • Procedures
  • Team Building


  • Initiatives Tasks
  • Index