4‑H Speak Pack

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The 4‑H Speak Pack is a guide for leaders, complete with over 50 activities to help members practice their communication skills throughout the year

Topic(s) Covered

Chapter One - Table of Contents (277kb)
Chapter Two - pages 1-6 (195kb)

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Value of 4‑H Communications Program
  • Objectives of the 4‑H Speak Pack
  • Strategic Design of the 4‑H Speak Pack
  • Importance of the 4‑H Leader to the 4-H
  • Communications Program
Chapter Three - pages 7-15 (284kb)
Chapter Four - pages 16-24 (277kb)
Chapter Five - pages 25-30 (198kb)
Priming the Pump (introductory communication activities)
  • Rationale
  • Tips on Using Prime the Pump Activities
  • Prime the Pump Activities

Chapter Six - pages 31-40 (305kb)
Chapter Seven - pages 41-47 (225kb)
Chapter Eight - pages 48-55 (292kb)
Chapter Nine - pages 56-65 (306kb)

Getting The Goods (how to communicate effectively)
  • Rationale
  • Lesson Format
  • Lessons

Chapter Ten - pages 66-74 (276kb)
Chapter Eleven - pages 75-83 (276kb)
Chapter Twelve - pages 84-92 (275kb)
Chapter Thirteen - pages 93-102 (301kb)
Chapter Fourteen - pages 103-113 (328kb)
Chapter Fifteen - pages 114-120 (242kb)
Chapter Sixteen - pages 121-126 (188kb)

Working It Out (practice activities)
  • Rational
  • Practice Activities

Chapter Seventeen - pages 127-136 (308kb)

Coach's Corner
  • The Value and Importance of Coaching
  • Coaching Tips for 4‑H Leaders
  • How to Give Feedback
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Concluding Comments


  • Bibliography of Books and Audio
  • Cassette Programs
  • Bibliography Video Cassette Programs

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