Leader Guide

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This is a resource for leaders to use for working with members and clubs.


4-H Alberta Program click here for chapter

What Is 4-H?
Where To Go For Help
4-H Clubs
4-H Councils
4-H Section
4-H Foundations
4-H Alberta Regulations
Why Do We Have Rules?


Protecting The 4-H Family click here for chapter

Screening Of Volunteer Online Leders Screening
I'm Screened - Now What?
   If you are a NEW 4-H Leader
   If you are a RETURNING 4-H Leader
Above Suspicion  - Protecting Yourself
A Child Is Hurting - How Can I Help?
Addressing Conflict In My Club?
Dealing With Someone Who Is Angry
Alberta 4-H Grievance Procedures
Alberta 4-H Insurance Information


General Leader - Tips For Running A Successful Club click here for chapter

Shared Leadership
Job Description - 4-H General Club Leader
     And Assistant Leader
4-H Alberta Leader Code of Conduct
The Leadership Team
Recruiting And Involving Volunteers
Involving Parents In 4-H
Managing Misbehaviour


Project Leader - Working With 4-H Members click here for chapter

Job Description - 4-H Project Leader
What Do I Do Now?
Selecting A Project
Available Projects
Principles Of Good Instruction
Relating the Five Principles of Leadership to 4-H
Decision Making Skills
Learn To Do By Doing
Age Characteristics


Club Meeting Guide click here for chapter

Organizational Meeting
Effective Meetings
Challenging Members
Responsibilities of Club Members
Duties of 4-H Club Officers
Parliamentary Procedure
Evaluating the Meeting


Planning An Effective Club Program click here for chapter

Program Planning
Starting a 4-H Multi Club
Communication Training
4-H Community Service Activities
4-H Club Fundraising
Achievement Days


Provincial 4-H Opportunities click here for chapter

For more 4-H opportunities check out the Calendar of Events or 4-H in your Region


Appendix click here for chapter

Leadership Development
How To Get To The 4-H Centre
Guidelines for Usage of Trademark
Regional Map
4-H Alberta Award of Excellence
4-H Meetings At A Glance
4-H Meeting Parliamentary Sample
Sample of a 4-H Meeting Agenda
Club Directory and Membership


Forms click here to access forms

All the forms needed by the Club, Member and Leaders are located in one location


4-H Alberta Program Policies click here for policies web page

The 4‑H program in Alberta has developed a number of policies that define basic expectations for 4‑H membership