4‑H Meeting Pack

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Congratulations! You have been given the awesome responsibility to be on your 4‑H club's executive team this year! This manual will help you to understand what is expected of you and your fellow executive members. Take some time to review all of the manual so you are aware of the executive roles and procedures.

You will learn so much just by being involved in your club in this leadership role. Enjoy the experience.

How to use this resource

Members that hold executive positions and leaders in the 4‑H clubs should have their own copy for a reference.

  • Feel free to copy pages individually for the purpose of training and clarification of roles.
  • A copy of the 4‑H Meeting Pack should be available during meetings for a quick reference.
  • Use the 4‑H Meeting Pack, the new Video/DVD called "Conquering the Scene Stealers: Running Effective Meetings" and the 4‑H Fun Pack to train and encourage development of members and leaders in meeting skills
Topic(s) Covered

Part 1

Table of Contents

Part 2

Parents and Leaders

Part 3

Roles of Executives

Part 4

Roles of Executives continued

Part 5

Other Club Elected Postings

Part 6

Setting Up for a Meeting

Part 7

Setting Up for a Meeting continued
Parliamentary Procedure

Part 8

Parliamentary Procedure continued

Part 9

Parliamentary Procedure continued

Part 10

Parliamentary Procedure continued

Depending on the speed of your modem it may take some time to download these files. The size of each Adobe Acrobat file is indicated below. If you are having problems downloading these files please contact Corinne Skulmoski at 780/427-4340.