The 4-H Diary

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My 4-H Diary

The 4-H Diary, updated for the 2018-2019 Club Year, is a place for members to record and celebrate their involvement and participation in 4-H and the community. For each year that they are a member, they should be encouraged to complete a 4-H Diary to keep track of their personal growth and skill development as they "Learn to do by doing". The 4-H Diary is the key to unlocking many of 4-H Alberta's amazing opportunities.

The 4-H Diary is a fillable, saveable, and printable PDF. A print version is also available through the online Club Supply order system (check with your General Leader).  It’s very important that you SAVE a copy of the 4-H Diary before you begin filling it out or try to print it.  By SAVING a copy first, the Fillable PDF should function properly and print easily.  

  • Open the diary – accessible on the 4-H website under downloads, link here: .  Note that this is accessible via Chrome or Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Those are the only ones that I am aware of although there are likely others.

  • OPTION: Print off a copy (if one not received with club supplies) and hand enter data (some clubs prefer to do this, working on it, at meetings, etc.)

  • OPTION: complete using technology. SUGGESTION as to how best to make this work:  save it FIRST to your own file/location BEFORE doing any data entry into the fillable pdf.

    • This way it is easy to enter data, save again (can save over the previous version or as a new one), leave, come back and update throughout the club year.

    • Print off completed diary and then member, parent and club leader signs off (by hand).

Why should members fill out a 4-H Diary?

Who fills out a 4-H Diary?

Registered 4-H members ages 9-20 as of December 31st of the current Club Year are eligible to complete a diary for each year that they are a registered member in good standing with 4-H Alberta. If a member belongs to two clubs, all information is included for both clubs within one diary.

Remember, to receive credit for a Club Year, you must meet all of the 4-H Member Requirements (on pg. 4) for each club you are a registered member of.

Why fill out a 4-H Diary?

My 4-H Diary is a place for you to record and celebrate your involvement and participation in 4-H and the community. For each year that you are a member, complete one 4-H Diary to keep track of your personal growth and skill development as you “Learn to do by doing”.

Keep Your Diaries Safe!

Looking back on your completed 4-H diaries will remind you of your experiences and how much you’ve grown as a person – Your diaries will come in handy for:

  • Completing a resume or cover letter.
  • Applying for scholarships and bursaries, including those available exclusively to 4-H members and alumni.
  • Illustrating your diverse experiences for someone in an interview.

Based on your complete 4-H diaries showing points accumulated, your 4-H leader can apply on your behalf for the 4-H Alberta Awards of Excellence medallions once the points are confirmed. All diaries must also be submitted to your Regional 4-H Specialist when applying for the Platinum Award of Excellence, and when applying to attend the Selections program.

4-H Alberta Awards of Excellence

    4-H Diary Points Needed
    Approximate Years to Obtain
    3 years
    4-5 years
    6-7 years
    8+ years

Selections Selections is an opportunity-filled program not to be missed! At Selections, members vie for some fantastic 4-H travel and ambassadorship opportunities PLUS the Premier’s Award. While at the program, your diary points will factor into your total individual program score.
To attend Selections, senior 4-H members who are 16 or older, must register through the electronic registration system, requiring their individual username and password.


How do members fill out a 4-H Diary?

How do I fill out a 4-H Diary?

Record your participation throughout the year, at activities, events, and on committees within your club(s) and beyond the club at interclub, district, regional, provincial and national levels of 4-H. There is also a page for you to record what you have participated in beyond 4-H.

Top Ten Tips:

1. Read the Scoring Guide opposite each page for additional information and tips.

2. Keep your 4-H Diary up to date. Fill in your information accurately and be specific. Avoid using abbreviations or acronyms.

3. List any activity or event only ONCE in the diary. Use the lines provided. It is not necessary to fill in every line.

4. Indicate which club the activity happened with - A or B, if in two clubs

5. Make use of the Notes section at the bottom of each page: a. Include any extra details about your activity if more space is needed b. if you are claiming two (2) points for “Above and Beyond” a description of how your involvement was greater than that of the general participants is required. c. One (1) point for participation will be awarded if a description is not provided. d. Record any 4-H awards here, so you remember your achievements e. For record, list any additional activities or events once the provided lines in the activity section are completely filled. No additional points will be awarded for these events.

6. Circle the number of points you’re claiming, based on your level of participation.

7. Tally your points at the bottom of each page and transfer the point totals to the back page of the diary.

8. Sign and date the diary, and have your parent or guardian review your diary for correctness, sign and date.

9. Submit your diary to your 4-H leader for review of correctness and confirmation by providing signature and date on the back page.

10. Keep ALL of your 4-H diaries together in a safe place. Always save a digital or photocopied version of your 4-H diaries, if passing them along for further marking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I belong to two or more clubs?

A: You are eligible for points in a maximum of two clubs. Record your participation in both clubs in one 4-H Diary. Leaders from both of your clubs must review the completed 4-H Diary for correctness and sign and date as indicated on the back page. Activities for a 3rd club may be recorded in the Notes section.


Q: I’ve been a 4-H member prior to this year but didn’t fill in a 4-H Diary for some years. Can I go back and complete a diary for those previous years?

A: Yes! As long as you were a member in good standing and completed the club year in question, you may fill out a 4-H Diary. Have a 4-H club leader from that particular year review the completed diary for correctness and sign the back page.


Q: What is “Above and Beyond”?

A: Above and Beyond is about extra ACTION – exceeding the role as a participant at a particular event. Include a description of your “above and beyond” role in the Notes if claiming 2 points. You must have been assigned or elected to do more than the other members, and this must be indicated in club minutes or as signed off by the club leader. For example, a committee member is elected or listed as an active member on this committee in the meeting minutes and will describe the role filled. A member must have been assigned specific additional duties, described in the Notes section and confirmed by the leader.