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Alberta 4-H Project Guide - a description of more that 30 project currently available to 4-H members


Alberta 4-H has an over 90-year history of helping young people develop life skills tied to the four H's (Head, Heart, Health and Hands). 4-H provides age-appropriate activities that focus on developing life skills in leadership, citizenship, communication and decision making as well as technical skills in various areas such as Agriculture, Foods, Fashion, Small Animals, Technology and Trades.

The goal is to help build self-confidence while youth learn specialized skills and explore possible careers. We are reviving this program for the youth in rural Alberta who are looking for a way to gain special interest credits where options aren't as available or where a unique opportunity might exist for success in a specific project area that is not supported through the schools available resources.

Teachers are encouraged to use the 4-H program or other youth programs to supplement the learning pathways for students.


If you have 4-H members in your school, or if a 4-H member has approached you about this off campus credit program, we want to help you design a fit that works for your school and the 4-H club in your community. The planning and program design is supported by 4-H. All you have to do is call or check out our web site.

High Schools that want to incorporate 4-H curriculum and gain CTS, Leadership or Special Projects credits for their students can do so in three ways:

  1. In the classroom - If class numbers warrant, schools can offer CTS module that fits with the 4-H program curriculum and access the benefits of 4-H Program and its resources by working cooperatively with local 4-H clubs.
  2. As an independent study course.
  3. As a distance learning course.

4-H/CTS Support

CTS and 4-H available as a PDF and a Powerpoint

Credit Notes - article in the Alberta 4-H Magazine on CTS

Visit here to learn more about the materials, curriculum ideas, newsletters, event updates, activities for your classroom, calendar contest and links for teachers and students.

Support is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4-H project materials are available only to 4-H members and leaders but will be made available to the school through the 4-H club upon initiation of the program.

High School Credits through 4-H support is available:

For more information contact: info@4h.ab.ca 

CTS: For More Information

  • To find out more about how CTS works, and whether or not your project aligns with one of the CTS’s curriculums, go to: https://education.alberta.ca/teachers/program/cts/
  • Call the CTS Team Leader by phoning: 780-427-2984
  • Talk to your school’s guidance counsellor – the sooner you get them involved, the better.